Q: What is the duration of a photo session?

A: We have two types of photo sessions – an hourly photo session with a minimum of two hours and a pre-session that is usually a part of a photography package and it is up to one hour.

Q: Where will my photo session take place?

A: There are many areas suitable for photography: beaches, parks, historical places, city areas, night scenery, your own backyard, home or office. We are also offering a studio background set for PR, glamour portraits and baby portraits. When it comes time for you session, we will advise you on the appropriate location and setting according to your needs. Note: Depending on the session you have booked, there could be some limitations in regards to travel time.

Q: Should we use the services of a professional hair and make-up artist?

A: Yes! We strongly recommend using the services of professional hair and makeup artists prior to a photo session!

Q: Do you retouch skin imperfections such as acne, scars and wrinkles?

A: Absolutely! We have many years of experience in Photoshop. This type of retouching is part of our style. Just make sure it is a part of your package. :)

Q: How many proofs will I get from a photo session?

A: From an hourly photo session you will receive one set of unlimited number of highly edited images. From a pre-session you will receive approximately two dozen. The final selection of photos will be done by our professional team.

Q: What are the best hours of the day for a photo session?

A: The best time for an outdoor photo shoot is starting about two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset. Other times of the day could also be suitable depending on the location. Sunrise and After Hours Sessions are available for additional fee. For an indoor photo sessions, any time of the day is great. To avoid additional charges, please schedule your session within regular business hours. To ensure availability we recommend scheduling photo sessions between the months of May through November and away from major holidays.

Q: How long does it take to receive proofs from a photo session?

A: The selection, editing and printing process of a Pre-Session proof usually takes 4 to 8 weeks. Allow more time for sessions photographed during the months of November through May.

Q: How long does it take to receive proofs from an event?

A: The selection, editing and printing process of the proofs usually takes 12 weeks. Allow more time for sessions photographed during the months of November through May.

Q: How do I get my Disk with images or proofs?

A: You will have to pick them up from our office. If you are interested in shipping or delivery, please call us for pricing information.

Q: Can we expedite our order?

A: All projects are completed on a first come first serve basis. Expedited service is available for a fee of 10-50% of the original package price. Price depends on our availability.

Q: Do you provide a web photo gallery?

A: Once the editing and/or retouching of your photos is completed, we will create an online photo gallery on our web site within 48 hours.

Q: Do you back-up your files?

A: Yes! We backup every image as soon as it lands on our network. Our office is equipped with the latest available technology Hard Drives. We also have continuously running online backup

Q: Do I get my images in high resolution?

A: Yes.

Q: Who owns the rights to the pictures?

A: We allow you to have the high resolution files and to print them as well as post them everywhere you like. However, the Copyright Act protects photographers by giving the author (us) of the photograph the exclusive right to copy, edit, and distribute image by sale or transfer. It is very likely that your images will be displayed on our website, social platforms, print, brochures, etc. If you do not wish to have your images used by our company or our affiliates for sale or promotional purpose, please make sure to discuss our “privacy protection plan” with us prior to signing a contract.

Q: Can I upload my photos to Facebook?

A: Yes! It gets even better…we do it for you.

Q: How far in advance should I book you for my event?

A: There is no time frame for this. If the date is open you can book us at the last minute or you can book us years in advance. Please keep in mind that dates during the season fill up very quickly and due to our boutique services we can accommodate very limited number of events.

Q: I hate being in pictures. Will this affect the pictures?

A: It does matter whether you like being photographed or not, but we have a very professional attitude and have our ways to make you relaxed and take beautiful photographs of you.

Q: Do you charge for travel?

A: Depending on the photography package you have and the location of the photo shoot, there might be an additional cost for travel. We cannot provide you with an exact price, but we can quote you after acquiring more information about your party.

Q: Do you bring a backup camera to the shoot?

A: We always do!

Q: What do I need to do to guarantee my event booking?

A: You can consider the photography for your event secured, as soon as you have a signed contract and a deposit.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: For events we prefer checks. For smaller photo sessions we can accept credit cards.