-I hope all is well! The engagement photos are breathtaking. Now I know why we hired the best, the quality of work is far superior. I know you are busy with your business but Iím sure you will have many referrals from our wedding. Happy Holidays!
David Koster
Hi Plamen and Paulina,
I just wanted to say thank you to you and all the people you had at Byrne\'s Bar Mitzvah, for being so wonderful and pleasant and so easy to work with!!! We all really appreciated your patience and friendliness toward everyone! We\'re looking forward to seeing all the photos! But it\'s totally not a rush! Hope all is well with you! Speak to you soon.
Hi Plamen and Paoulina,
-First off I wanted to say thank you so much for the engagement pictures that we took. Andre and I had such a great time and really enjoyed getting to know both of you a little bit more. I have complete faith and confidence that everything is going to be just perfect!!!! It was so much fun!
Thanks, Ashley
Dear Plamen and Paoulina,
It is a very rare thing today, when people live up to their promises. When you came to our home last year, you were the first photographer we had met with, and were so impressed with your portfolio of work; we signed the contract with you that night!!! In the back of our minds, we hoped our pictures would look as great as the ones we saw in the portfolio. Fast forward one year, and all we can say is \"Phenomenal\". Plamen and Paoulina, there are people in this world that are doing what they are meant to do, that are using their god given talents, and that describes you both to a tee! Your love of what you do is reflected in your work as much as the love that Kristen and I have each other in each of our pictures!! The quality of the work you did exceeded our every expectation, and not just on the day of our wedding, but before, during and after the \"big day\". You took your time with us, and worked with us to make our album, our video and all our memories of our wedding, special ones. Our greatest hope is that this letter makes it to your portfolio, and that all prospective clients of Domino Arts will know that they are hiring the BEST IN THE FIELD, that they will have a partner, to help them make their wedding memories special ones.
Sincerely, Jon and Kristen
Dear Plamen,
-I would like to thank you for the marvelous job you did on the pictures for my nephew\'s baptism. We all loved them. You and your wife are amazing artists and professionals. Be sure we will be promoting Domino Arts to everybody who sees your beautiful work. Thanks again, and I hope to see you soon.
Yours truly, Luis Torroba
Plamen and Paoulina,
-We just wanted to sincerely thank you again for being so flexible and coming on a different day for the wedding! As you probably know already, your work Rocks! Each one is amazing. We are telling all of our friends and family to check it out because there are so many great pictures of everyone. Thank you for capturing all of the moments. Enclosed is the last check before we order more. Please send the proofs to the above address or I can come get them. We\'ll talk. Have a great Thanksgiving and talk to you soon.
Love, Carrie and Paul
Plamen and Paoulina,
-Everything looks great. Thanks for doing a fantastic job on our parent\'s albums. Thank you for going the extra mile. We appreciate all of your hard work. Happy Holidays!
Shawnda and Eric
Dear Plamen and Paoulina,
-Thank you for helping to make beautiful, memorable moments at our wedding. We appreciated everything you did for us.
Love, Alana and Laurence
Plamen and Poly,
-Thank you so much for being part of our beautiful wedding and for the most wonderful pictures we have seen. You are so very special to us and we look forward to a lifetime of friendship.
Love, Brett and Natasha
Plamen and Paoulina,
- Hi! Hope you are enjoying your new home-congrats again! I received the beautiful album in the mail today. Thank you so much for sending it to Texas as I don\'t think I will be back in south Florida until October. I truly appreciate it. I LOVE the album, you all did an awesome job! The date on the album is October 22 instead of 21st but that\'s okay-it was confusing because of the hurricane so please don\'t worry about it! I\'m very happy with the end product and it is already on my coffee table. Thanks again for everything and take care.
Kindly, Carrie
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