Hi Plamen & Paulina,
Just want to thank you again on an amazing parent\'s album! Not only was the entire wedding magical , but you captured such incredible pictures of every moment of their fairytale wedding. ...I only breezed through the album upon picking it up and was so impressed on the quality of our piece of artwork…but upon returning to Orlando we sat down with the family and we all were “wow-ed” by this album.
The amount of expertise ,uniqueness, color quality and design layout of each beautiful photo on every page was SPECTACULAR…class act and fit for royalty!
Thank you for capturing this most joyous event….and these memories of a lifetime.
Bonnie & Monte

The Team!
Casey and I cannot put into words how wonderful the entire team was for our wedding. We are beyond excited to see the rest of the photos. They look absolutely beautiful! They are perfect! Thank you for all of your hard work on our special day. We are certain you captured every special moment. Speak soon!
Christina and Casey Harris! :)
Dear Plamen,
Words cannot express how much we enjoyed having you capture the special moments in our life these past couple months. We loved working with you and we love you as a person. We know you will be there in a couple of years for other beautiful moments in our life.
Thank you for everything.
Love, Chloe & Rudy
Hi Plamen,
This is all so exciting.
We have viewed most of the photos online (just returned from vacation) and it will be hard to choose. They look fantastic!
We will coordinate with Melissa and Jason and be in touch asap.
Best regards,
Man, The Photos are AMAZING! You guys are geniuses... Can\'t thank you enough. Beautiful, beatiful, beautiful!...
Robson Coccaro
Plamen and Paulina - AMAZING! I cannot wait to go through all the photos! WOW!!! That is all I can say - You both are just so good at what you do!!!!!!
Samantha Grabois
Hi Plamen.. The pics from \"Samantha & Matthew\'s\" Wedding are STUNNING!! Just Beautiful.. Hope you and your family are doing well..
xoxo Liz Korfin
Thank you for the most amazing pictures of our family!!!!!!!
What a fun day and now what wonderful memories we have captured in the photos!
XOXO Susan Schneider
We needed popcorn and two bathroom breaks but you did a fantastic job at capturing the evening. Boy, was that fun!!!!
Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!!!
Linda Levy
Plamen.. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
You and your wife did an amazing job.. Totally exceeded our expectations I can\'t stop looking at them.
Thank you again!
Stacy and Marc
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